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Frequently Asked Questions

That's a good question. We wanted to make something free + userful for users who want to quickly view their documents.

People hate to sign-up or provide their email or other details. We earn from advertisements, so do visit our sponsors if you would like to.

You can view DOC/DOCX/ODT - XLS/XLSX/ODS/CSV - PPT/PPTX/ODP & PDF - VSD - MPP - TIF - XPS - PSD - DWG - DXF - EML - MSG - TXT - RTF - XML - EPUB - SVG - HTML - MHT - DICOM & Common Image Formats.

Please make sure that the file is not corrupt or is password protected. Send us a link to your file, we will check it at our end.

Yes you can. But only with windows server and using asp.net or asp.net mvc core. Please contact us for more details.

Free Cloud Based Document Viewer Asp.Net MVC Core. Multiple formats cloud based document viewer for asp.net mvc core. Free trial download.